❝if my life is going to mean anything, i have to live it myself.❞

jynastie wilson, pronounced jen-uh-stee, is a seventeen year old hispanic african american, who has always found an escape from the realities of life through a captivating novel & film, especially those that are bound to leave her drowning in her own tears.

born and raised in between virginia and texas, two states with completely contradicting lifestyles and atmospheres, jynastie plans on moving to oregon, in order to attend university and to explore all that life has to offer. as of current, jynastie plans on studying both creative writing & psychology.

when she is not watching or reading the latest release, you can find jynastie scrolling through social media, attempting to finish up the latest task that has captivated her attention, or more hopefully, writing.

this blog was created in early january of last year, with the motivation and driving support of my boyfriend, as a way for me to have a creative outlet in life that allowed me to express my thoughts and opinions on the things that no one else wanted to listen to, aka literature and film.

unknown to me at this time, this blog would become something that i am extremely proud of, even if i am constantly redesigning and repurposing it.

this blog has allowed for me to connect with people who find their own passions and desires lying within the pages of a novel. it has allowed me to network with different publicists and companies who i never thought would even know my name. and most importantly, it has allowed me to get back to doing what i love most, reading.