books centered around people of color without the trauma

as a person of color, there is no denying how harmful it can be when the only forms of literature that you happen to be consuming, are ones in which the characters most like you, are constantly struggling with some form of racial or ethnic based trauma.

not to say that it isn’t important to acknowledge, understand, and prevent these traumas, because it is.

however, each year, countless novels written by people of color, for people of color are published and ultimately forgotten about as publishers and media companies alike spend more time marketing and pushing for novels that revolve around this racial trauma, purely for diversity and representation sake, as many of their recent actions prove that they simply do not all care about these problems that people of color are continuing to face on a day-to-day basis.

in honor of these stories that are heavily forgotten, ignored, or simply deprived of the same attention that subpar novels written by white authors receive, here are some young adult fiction novels all of which come recommended either by me, or by some of my favorite bookish content creators that happen to be of color. all of these following stories revolve around people of color who aren’t undergoing racial or ethnic based trauma, and instead, are going through the types of stories that everyone deserves to read, write, enjoy, and even experience.

when life gives you mangos

in which a young girl from a small island is struggling to remember anything from the previous summer & how to handle the loss of best friends and the addition of new, yet strange ones

recommended by: simone of chasingpages

youtube | instagram | twitter

get a life, chloe brown

in which a woman who is tired of living her boring and repetitive life recruits her mysterious neighbor to help her experience a plethora of new things such as riding motorcycles & enjoying drunken nights out

recommended by: tiana of tiana tea

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these violent delights

in which the heirs of two rival gangs set aside their grudges and work together to stop the mayhem, monster, and mayhem that is threatening to take over their beloved city of shanghai, china, all set within a romeo and juliet retelling

recommended by: jynastie of jena’s words

youtube | instagram | twitter

a very large expanse of sea

in which a young muslim girl who is tired of being stereotyped meets a young boy who helps her let her guard down, and enjoy all that life has to offer

recommended by: nidhi of nidhireddyreads

youtube | instagram | twitter

don’t read the comments

in which two completely different people, divya sharma & aaron jericho, are connected by a video game, one that leaves divya harassed and doxxed, and aaron struggling to get a grip on reality and his dreams

recommended by: jynastie of jena’s words

youtube | instagram | twitter

i wanna be where you are

in which an african american ballerina is forced to go on a secret road trip with her long time neigbor and his smelly, yet slightly adorable dog, in order to sucessfully audition for the dance conservatory of her dreams

recommended by: simone of chasingpages

youtube | instagram | twitter

i love you so mochi

in which a japanese american student jumps at the opportunity to spend a break with her grandparents in japan, where she begins to connect both with her ancestral past and a charming boy named akira

recommended by: lauren of love yo shelf

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if you have happened to already any of these novels or have any other diverse novels that you believe are worth a read, then please leave some reviews and recommendations within the comments of this post, i am always looking for ways to diversify my bookshelf, and you should be as well.

until next time, stay safe everyone < 3

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