❝hello everyone, my name is jynastie, and welcome to jena’s words.❞

whether you happen to know me in real life or over a computer screen, you should know that this blog, jena’s words, has been a passion project of mine for almost a year now – i have done countless hours of research and configuration, made various brand changes, purchased things such as domains and templates, and advertised a few blog posts, only to feel unhappy with it all.

maybe it’s because i’m a perfectionist, or maybe it’s because i’m a person whose tastes are always changing, but i always feel as though my blog isn’t up to my standards and that i could be doing so much better.

which is why, i’m starting fresh once again – a clean state. and what better way to start a book blog than with the book blog tag?

1. why did you start this blog?

i decided to create this blog as a way for me to keep me track of all of the books i read, along with my feelings towards them but also as a way for me to have a creative outlet that allows me to expresses my thoughts and opinions in a way that makes me happy, and that people are actually listening to. i really want this blog to motivate me to continue reading and doing all the things that i love in life.

2. what are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

although i don’t find myself to be the most fun or unique person around, i do believe that i can provide a fresh and authentic perspective to the bookish community – i also believe that i am a semi-interesting person to hang around, at least, so hopefully that will translate well into the content that i create.

3. what are you most excited for about this blog?

since i started creating book related content, i’ve most been looking forward to becoming immersed within the bookish community and creating friends that love books just as much, if not more, than i do,

4. why do you love reading?

i love reading because reading it is an escape. as basic as that answer may be, it is true. reading allows you to forget about your own problems, by allowing you to focus on the problems of another that you know will eventually be resolved. not to mention, you’re transported to a world full of romance, adventure, and things such as magic and dragons. which i believe to be really cool.

5. what series got you into reading?

as i am sure most people involved in the bookish community did, i read a lot as a kid. i practically read everything i could get my hands on like moby dick and catcher in the rye, both of which i read in elementary school. however, some series that had a lasting impact on me were the goosebumps series, rainbow magic, magic treehouse.

6. what questions would you ask your favorite authors?

honestly, i think that i would be too embarrassed or nervous to ask my favorite authors anything despite how outgoing i find myself to be most of the time. but, if i could work up the courage, i would ask r.l stine how he got the inspiration for most of his stories, other than looking at the never-ending list of fears people have, and i would more say than ask sophie mackintosh to please, continue writing as i could devour her writing for the rest of my life. i guess, i would also ask if she would like to be my friend – or a writing buddy at the least.

7. what challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

without a doubt, staying proud and happy with the content that i put out into the world will be the hardest challenge to overcome. i mean, you only need to look at all the times i’ve deleted a post or restarted my blog to see that this is true.

8. when did you start reading?

i’ve been reading for as long as i can remember, so i don’t have too much of a definitive answer there.

9. where do you read?

i have always been the type of person that can read anywhere and everywhere. my favorite reading spot is in a car, specifically when i know that i’ll be in the car for hours on end like during a roadtrip or something of that sort. but, i do read the most at home and in bed, like i’m sure many others do.

10. what kind of books do you like to read?

i will read absolutely everything and anything, so long as it is not nonfiction or poetry. the only exception to this is if it’s an (auto)biography on something that interests me, or if it’s fictional free verse poetry). my favorite types of novels to read are those that fall under the young adult novel, specifically fantasy and science fictions. and, finally, my favorite novels are the blue ticket/the water cure by sophie mackintosh, heartless by marissa meyer, and inside out & back again by thanhha lai.

well, i believe that is about it for this entry – i am so glad that you decided to click on this blog post and learn more about me, if you’ve read this far, feel free to comment down below what your favorite books are and what you would ask your favorite author if you were given the chance.

thank you so much once again for supporting me thus far, please feel free to continue supporting me by liking and commenting on this post, or by checking out any of my social medias (including a youtube channel) that can be found up above.

until next time, stay safe everyone ❤

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